Member Selection


We are focused on medium sized companies. WFO members selection is a strict process where the information provided in the application form is revised and deeply analysed by our staff. The factors of selection include the financial stability, professionalism, years in the market, and reputation of the company.

This way we will ensure that all our members share the same general interests. We encourage all our members to share their experiences in their local markets so we can make a stronger alliance between our members based in the valuable knowledge of them.

In our experience, communication is the key to networking. As a member you are committed to the support of the other members. The quick response of the emails will grant the benefit of all.

Join the most exclusive network and enjoy the following benefits

  • Territorial Semi Exclusivity: Maximum number of members depending on the country and market.
  • Family style community.
  • Democratic Organisation.
  • Use of the logo and corporate image.
  • Careful and strict selection of members.
  • Annual meetings.
  • Promotion for and on behalf of the members.
Member Selection WFO

What is the WFO?

WFO is a worldwide network settled on 2007, with a semi exclusive membership. It means that number of members will be directly related with the country market size. Each of our members recognized by their experience in their local market.

This strategic alliance allows the WFO to be very competitive and also to be able to answer quickly your demands on the international transport and logistic market.

Our Goals

  • To offer a high quality service to our members, what means to give the best quality service to their customers.
  • Provide our members a local support, based in the experience of the other side company.
  • To build-up strong relationships with our customers and friendship among members.

To qualify for membership, a company must go through a strict process to ensure that they fulfil the pre-qualification standards. WFO act as a worldwide umbrella network of selected members who will cooperate under agreed standards, actively promoting and supporting each other in the handling of freight forwarding, logistics, custom brokerage and related services.